A change of pace

Saturday morning was not the first time I had paced at park run but it was the first time I had paced 35 minutes.

It was also my first park run for 3 weeks.

I got there early after jog/walking the 1.5 miles to Wardown from my flat.

It was quite a nice morning. Warmer than it had been and dry too. It was great meeting all the other pacers. I hadn’t spoken to Dave Thompson in a while and it was nice to catch up.

All us lovely pacers posed for photos, the race briefing was read out and we all headed off for the start line.

I tried to not get too held up at the start but when races normally start you hear an air horn or even someone shouting GO! nope the crowds just all shifted forward and we were off.

I started off a bit too fast. I was worried about the inaccuracy of my GPS. Wardown park has a habit of playing tricks on GPS watches because of the many tight turns and low hanging trees. I vowed to pay attention to my actual pace and keep an eye on the time rather than distance.



I ended up running around 11 minute pace which by the halfway point of the 3rd lap meant I had nearly 4 minutes of time to kill. So i walked for a while till I got half way up the hill encouraging all the people who passed.

It was nice to do something for other people. I am glad that although I am no way near where I want to be running wise I can still be useful to new and returning runners.

After the run I had a really nice sit down in the cafe after. i wouldn’t have been able to stay without Dave Thompson kindly offering a lift.

I spoke to some lovely people and it really struck a chord with me. I am more determined than ever to be as successful as i can be with this challenge.

Our club charity this year is the willow foundation. I just bought a willow technical shirt and a hoodie today.

I am hoping that this is what I need to get me off the fence and running well again. A super charity that now means a lot more to me than I realised.

Looks like I could be doing the St.Albans Stampede Solo. Not sure I could really get to the 100k target in 12 hours but who knows. Anyway If I did complete my target so easily it wouldn’t be a challenge. And i wouldn’t have any reason to continue writing this blog


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