The best part of running is the recovery day

Over the last few days I have finally picked up my mileage and am finding some semblance of fitness once again.

I didn’t run Sunday which is traditionally a long run day for me and most people. I am hoping to go out for a long run this Sunday though.

Monday I ran with my club stopsley striders. I haven’t been up on a Monday in months. I was happy with the run although I ran a lot slower than I should have. Nearly 5 miles covered though so not bad there.

Tuesday was track day and I had the pleasure of Donna Wiggetts company. We pushed quite hard and it was good fun. I think Donna is great because she just keeps going head down and she pushes herself. It was great fun talking to her.

No running Yesterday. I had a well deserved break. I hadn’t run 3 days out of 5 in a while and the point of all the training was to get fitter not injured. I am sure I can push it more in the future.

Anyway my rest day was well planned. I had some lovely Singapore noodles my wife had bought on the weekend but was left over for lunch



Also Today I got my new willow Gear. A tech top and a hoodie. Very bright and the tech top will definitely be used on Saturdays park run coming up.


I put a selfie with me in the top and I smiled. I look rather goofy when i smile in photos so I think next time I will do my usual grumpy face. I tend to look better.

After I got home last night I had a lovely chicken salad and a ran a nice warm bath with a lush bath bomb. Tanya and I had bought a load of reduced Christmas style bath bombs and I still had a couple left as I don’t bathe very often ( i shower every day so don’t think I go round stinking all day)

So my rest day has come and gone and it’s back on the wagon again. I’m making time for my wife tonight as yesterday was a bit of a let down. So no club running tonight. I won’t do too many miles as i’m hoping to get a long run in sunday.

As for the rest of the week. Wardown Park run pacing 35 minutes again. Hoping i will do better and so will some people looking for a pb’s. There’s a meeting after park run with the willow foundation which I am hoping to attend.

Then six nations rugby with my dad Saturday. Really looking forward to spending a bit of time with him and maybe some takeaway.

Sunday a long run. Maybe a 10 miler if I can get it right.Then  back at the track Tuesday.

Hopefully I will be blogging again soon with some good news




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