Slow but steady.

So it’s been a good weekend. I didn’t go to club Thursday but I did run commute home.

Saturday was a really nice park run. I seem to have taken on the 35 minute pacer job and I’m getting better at it each week. It was also Lorraine’s 50th parkrunimg_20170204_085628435_hdr

Also after park run there was a meeting with willow and we discussed some Great ideas for fundraising. I also mentioned my 100k challenge and that I will set up a fundraising page. Interestingly my dad has given me £40 from the Buffalo Lodge that he’s a member of. So it’s off to a flying start.


Today was a difficult run for me. I hadn’t slept well Friday night and even though I slept well last night it seemed to catch up with me. I was on a go slow till I got a taxi over to Venue 360 for the start of Zena and my 10 mile run. Although Zena did 13 in the end.

It is quite a picturesque view along the Luton to Harpenden cycle path but quite a hilly one too. One of the worst hills going out is Eric Morecombe hill. We stopped for photos at the top. i didn’t quite get the pose right

But Zena did.

I tried my best but i kept running out of breath. My legs are pretty strong still and even now they feel fine but I just couldn’t keep the pace going.

We turned left at Hapenden and the headed to Wheathampstead. We ran a few hundred metres past the sign and then turned round as we had hit 5


All in all a good run.

And this week has seen me run almost 24 miles. I seem to slowly be progressing and getting back on track now that I have a good target to aim for.

Hopefully today I will finally sort my entry into the scramble and then set up a giving page of some sort.


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