My name is Kelvin Mark Chadwick and I have been a member of Stopsley striders running club since 2014.

I took up running in April 2013. after my father had a heart attack at Christmas. I realised that being as unfit, overweight and generally unhealthy as I was was leading me down the same path. I started running and never really stopped.

Unfortunately life has a way of creeping up on you and my training has been very poor of late. Mainly because I haven’t set myself a goal.

Now anyone who knows me knows my goals are usually quite big. I originally, when i started running, set myself the goal of the running the Spartathlon before i turned 40 ( the 250km race between Athens and Sparta that has to be completed in 36 hours). I don’t think that is quite achievable but you never know.

But I want to get as close as possible. So I am aiming to run the Spitfire scramble ( a 24hr race I’ve ran as a team twice) solo. I am awful at navigation so hopefully the laps will be a lot easier for me.

I promised myself last year that I wouldn’t run a marathon in 2017 lol. I think I will again be running the Mk marathon as one of the many warm up races for the event.

I haven’t designated a charity yet for the run as Next years club charity has yet to be announced.

So it’s going to be another interesting year.